Botox Injection

Botox Injection- Botulinum Toxin Type A

Approx Price: Rs 5,500 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Piece
BOTOX® is the brand name of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. In large amounts, this toxin can cause a form of muscle paralysis known as botulism, which is usually associated with food poisoning. Even though one of the most serious complications of botulism is paralysis, scientists have discovered a way to use it to human advantage. Small, diluted (weakened) amounts can be directly injected into specific muscles, causing controlled relaxation of the muscles.
To avoid ptosis:
  1. Avoid injection near the levator palpebrae superioris. ...
  2. Place lateral corrugator injections ≥ 1 cm above the bony supraorbital ridge. ...
  3. Keep the injected volume/dose to a minimum, where feasible. ...
  4. Do not inject botulinum toxin closer than 1 cm above the central eyebrow.
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