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Thermo Infra CAV Slimming Machines

Approx Price: Rs 8.5 Lakh / Piece 
Banking on the expertise of our personnel, we have been engrossed in delivering highly efficient variety of Thermo Infra CAV Slimming Machines. The offered thermo slimming machine is a multi-functional machine which has the function of Cavitations, Radio Frequency & Infrared LED. By combining the cavitations function with radio frequency function, the slimming effect can be much more enhanced. Also, the Radio Frequency function can be used for skin tightening & lifting.


  • Long working life
  • High efficiency
  • Less maintenance

Other Details:

  • There are separate probes for Body and Face. For the first time a combination of Cavitation, Radio Frequency & Infrared in one hand piece. By combining these different technologies, your customers will be able to experience amazing cellulite and fat reduction results combined with skin tightening. Smaller, smarter and cost effective. Thermo CAV is safe, easy to use and offers superior results. The Thermo CAV device uniformly disperses the energy to three-dimensional volumes of tissue at controllable depths.

Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

Power Shape Slimming Equipment

Approx Price: Rs 15 Lakh / Piece 
Counted amid one of the remarkable business names, we are instrumental in bringing forth a world class gamut of Slimming Equipment Power Shape. It reduces the size of fat cells and is effective for diuresis and perspiration U Vacuum suction and rollers make the skin flat to penetrate the energy deeper and increase blood circulation by expanding blood vessels. It reduces volume of tat in hypo-dernis and makes the skin smoother. Power Shape contains the low level laser diodes that emit specific wavelengths OI light designed to target fat Cells (65Onm).

  • Reduce the size of fat cells
  • Improves the substantial body contour
  • Easy usage

Liposuction Cannula Surgical Equipment

Approx Price: Rs 4,000 / Piece 
Capitalizing on the experience and understanding of our executives, we have come up with a broad assortment of Liposuction Canula Surgical Equipment. It comes in quality construction finish and provides optimum support in surgery based liposuction procedures. The scientific designs of these equipment also allows for easy extraction of fat cells without harming the skin. Made available at competitive prices, we can also offer the equipment in other configuration choices as demanded by the customers.


  • Easy usage
  • Long life
  • Compact structure


  • Type: Surgical Equipment
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Usage: Medical Industry  

Ultractouron - Non Invasive Body Shaping Machine

Approx Price: Rs 25 Lakh / Piece 
Driven with excellence, we have been engrossed in delivering to our patrons a comprehensive plethora of Ultractouron - Non Invasive Body Shaping. The French technology of Ultra contour uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to rupture Fat cells and patented UMD technology to drain out the liquefied fat from Body. The procedure is totally non invasive and excellent measurable results can be seen after the procedure.


  • No pain, No surgery only measurable results
  • Long working usage
  • Effective results


  • Ultracontour is the most advanced Non-Invasive Lipolysis in the world.
  • The french technology of Ultracontour uses High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound to rupture Fat cells and patented UMD technology to drain out the liquefied fat from Body.
  • The procedure is totally non-invasive and excellent measurable results can be seen after the procedure.
  • There is No pain, No surgery, No heat, No laser, No Downtime, only measurable results.
The system is installed all over the world and by all means only non surgical option to Lipolysis surgery with lots of success globally.

  • Brand: Ultractouron
  • Usage: Body Shaping
  • Driven: Electric 

High Focalised Ultrasounds Spa Shape Machines

Approx Price: Rs 25 Lakh / Piece 
We offer wide range of High Focalised Ultrasounds Spa Shape Machines.

Designing Future of Body Shaping:

  • Second generation of high focalised ultrasounds combined with laser 635 nm

The Technology:

Second Generation Of High Focalised Ultrasounds:

Scientific and clinical effect on adipose tissues:

  • High frequency with low energy for patient safety.
  • With up to 200 shoots in one area of adipose tissue, with gold piezoelectric composite material, and a computer controlled multi-channel electronics
  • Software monitoring power for men and women.
  • Deepness controlled up to 1cm deep maximum
  • Design to fractioned and portioned fat tissue

Cold Laser 635nm: 3 D –Scanning Electron Microscopy(SEM) and Transmission Electron Microscopy(TEM) reveal the transformation from a voluminous state to a more deflated one, confirmed in sonography for spashape

Multi centers clinical study in Europe and middle East:

Tape Measurement Study:
  • From October 2009 till November 2009, 50 person referred to spashape for local fat rreatment in belly mans glutei. The study will continue upto the end of December 2010 to achieve 5 procedures with the results achieved after 3sessions.
  • We have enrolled in 2 centers in Meddle East in Lebanon and one center in Europe in Czech Republic, 50 patients average BMI was 29, with lowest at 26 and the highest at 33, all patients involved have been female patients from age of 20 till 45 years old.

After as little as 3 procedures end of November 2009.: They have all undergone 3procedures of SPASHAPE with the classic protocol at one week interval.
  • The average decreasing size was of 3.2cm above the navel (about one size of clothe reduction)
  • The average decreasing size was of 5cm at the navel area (about one 2 size of clothe reduction)
  • The average decreasing size was of 2.8 cm at the navel (about one size of clothe reduction)

Based on 5 years experience in High Focalised Ultrasounds Technology Spectronix proposed the most advance device in non invasive fat removal.
  • DFU Dynamic Focal Ultrasounds pulsed allowing treatment from first layer of fat to the fat focus
  • Intense beam of Gold laser 635 nm for bio stimulation and drainage
  • Selective with its unique man or women program
  • Advance two zones selection on patient body, back and front view.
  • Automatic time estimate clock.
  • Performing treatment in less than 40 mn.
  • Touch screen with smart technology integrated.
  • Compact and mobile unit
  • Gold based ceramic focus bowl
  • Affordable and no hidden cost
  • Ergonomic transducers with trigger
  • Ata base software fr patients
  • CE Medical approved ISO13485
  • Scientifically and clinically proven
  • Data base & Special Leaser option

Non invasive solution in Body contouring for Spa

Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer),D/A

Needle Free Mesotherapy Machine

Approx Price: Rs 90,000 / Piece 

We offer wide range of Mesotherapy Machine Needle Free.

Operating Principle:

  • Needle-free injection is a kind of high-effective, woundless and safe treatment. It uses a pulsed low frequency electric current to deliver active ingredients into the skin. By electrophoresis technique, it can easily break the layer and open the entrance of cells membrane to promote absorption, completely taking place of the traditional needle injection which may cause pain and wound, reaching an absorption effect 2000 times more than it by normal operations.
  • The technique is iontophoresis, which has now been used by medics as a non-invasive drug delivery method for medication since the 1960s. It no longer used a continuous wave of galvanic current but modulated it into impulses. This lowered the incidence of burns whilst disappointingly also lowering the amount of active ingredients which could be carried, but as the wave frequency was not altered the levels of skin penetration remained very much the same as with ionophoresis.

Product Effects:

  • Freckle removal and skin whitening: Open cells channel woundless,
  • obsorb nutrition, participate in cells metabolism, promote cells
  • rebirth.
  • Fantasy wrinkle removal:The electrode nutrition is directly
  • penetrated the deep-seated skin, start cells rebirth, remove
  • wrinkles of deep skin layer.
  • Resist the acne: Through the electric nutrition conveyer belt, inject
  • the acne removal distillate into the focus, clear or restrain the acne
  • rebirth, avoid the wound infection.
  • Moisten and make up water: Inject the water feeding active
  • distillate into the deep-seated skin, supply enough water to the
  • cells, prevent the series of skin problems caused by short of water.

Needle Free Mesotherapy machine:

Product Description:

Product Name

Needle Free Mesotherapy machine

Model No.

Spectronix NFM






Cool Treatment


Face & Body

Power plug






Carton Size






Cryolipolysis Machine

Approx Price: Rs 6.5 Lakh / Piece 
Cryolipolysis Machine is a proven procedure to reduce fatty cells by using the integrated technology of cryo, vacuum and IR (Infrared light).Its principle relies on controlled cooling for non-invasive local reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours. The exposure to cooling is set so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to overlying skin .The system is non-invasive cryo - cooling treatment and the combined treatment of cryo and vacuum performs effective remove localized fat and promote for metabolism.


  • Body shaping
  • Stretch marks improving
  • Skin tightening



  • 2 pairs of handpieces are special designed for symmetric treatment.
  • Cryolipolysis combined with infra light ,quick healing after treatment .
  • User friendly screen on handpieces .
  • High cost performance.



  • LP-LI Handpieces parameters :
  • Negative Pressure Intensity -0.02Mpa-01.9Mpa
  • Working Time: 1-90 mins (step 1 min )
  • IR power : 6W-12W
  • Temperature : -5 C TO 14 C
  • Suction Frequency : 1-4 (step 1)
  • Window size : 165*81mm2
  • LP-SI Handpieces Parameters:
  • Working time: 1-90 minutes (step 1 minute)
  • Temperature : -5 C -14C
  • Window Size : 128*27mm2
  • Power: 1300W
  • Power supply: 220, 50Hz and 110V, 60Hz
  • Screen: 12.1”TFT touch screen
  • Net weight: 55Kg
  • Gross Weight: 70 Kg
  • Dimensions: 82*54*244 cm3

Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
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